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Shloshim / 7th Iyar / "Love Eternal" / David Mandel


Daniel my friend / Barak

Daniel / Lieutenant Michael Rosman

Memorial Tribute to Daniel Mandel / Ofir Sasson

Eulogy by Gabi

Daniel Mandel z"tl

Shloshim / 7th Iyar / "Love Eternal" / David Mandel


On your grave, from The Song of Songs, is written the following:

"Many waters cannot quench love,
Neither can rivers drown it..."

And truly it was with an unending love, that you lived your life and triumphed over all that came your way.
From the beginning and right to the end, you accepted it all with love.

And now, it's up to us in the same way to accept with total love the unbelievable and the incomprehensible:
The fact that in the blink of an eye - just like that - you've left, you're gone, disappeared from our world.

What a task! Almost impossible it seems, this task that you've left us. And isn't it just like you to do that!
And isn't it just like you - dear, dear son - to leave no option for us but to do it.
How else could we truly honor your memory?
How else could we really eternalize you?!

As usual, beloved and precious commander that you are, you've run ahead and managed to let us know that on this trek, all of us are going to continue to the end - and if you have any thought otherwise, you would have said, just forget about it right now.

Rest assured, Daniel, complete it we will.
For one simple reason: it's with eternal love, that we love you - and that love really does triumph over all.

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