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Tzevet Daniel in the Jerusalem Marathon

Dear friends and family:

Yes, David and I are doing it again and yes, we are doing our best to involve you one way or the other!  The Jerusalem Marathon will be on March 1st and David and I are heavy into our training mode.  David is amazing, no weather stops him and we have had a lot of rain this year.  I am more on the treadmill but will start to walk the streets of Jerusalem soon so that I can still smile after I finish walking the inspiring route of 10 km on Marathon day.

So, we offered you to be part of Tzevet Daniel - this is our third year - to walk or run with us.  Some of you will be with us on Friday morning.  As we said from the beginning, it doesn't matter how slow you go, Cheryl and David are behind you!  It is not too late to join us.

For those of you that will not be wearing Tzevet Daniel shirts, you can still participate with us.  This year we are raising money for a wonderful project that David founded in Sderot called Asei R'tzono.  This is a clinic that David started 5 years ago that gives alternative healing treatments to the people of Sderot to help them cope with the tension of 10 years of being under attack.

Here in Gush Etzion & Jerusalem area, we had two alarms during Operation Pillar of Defense that put all of us into our safe rooms.  Children crying, sick to their stomachs,  tense, need their parents etc. etc..  We cannot imagine this going on for 10 years!

So, this year if you are not on the route, you can be a partner with us and contribute to this project.  There is a waiting list of months for treatment and we are determined to raise 50,000 nis (about $13,000) so that we can add the needed extra hours of treatment.

In Israel, checks can be made out to Amutat Reut Sderot - they are tax deductible
In USA, checks can be made out to the PEF fund - they are tax deductible.
If you are sending money from Canada, so far we haven't found a tax dedutible organization to process the donations but you can give a small amount that doesn't require a deduction.

We sometimes feel like the Pied Piper involving all of you in our various projects but look at it this way, you only have to write the check, we are the ones getting up early, training, sore muscles, sometimes at our age feeling ridiculous out among the young folk but WE BELIEVE THAT THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Thank you for your support over the years and please send your donations to:
Cheryl Mandel
POB 92, Alon Shvut,
Gush Etzion,
90433, ISRAEL

Warm regards,
Cheryl and David

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