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Shloshim / 7th Iyar / "Love Eternal" / David Mandel


Daniel my friend / Barak

Daniel / Lieutenant Michael Rosman

Memorial Tribute to Daniel Mandel / Ofir Sasson

Eulogy by Gabi

Daniel Mandel z"tl

Daniel / Lieutenant Michael Rosman

Being here at the funeral, I heard many people speak about you.
They said a lot of things about you. They talked about ideas and ideals.

But to me your were mainly a friend, the one who always consulted with me about the soldiers, the one who shared all the gossip with me before going to sleep.
My running-mate in the all the orchards of Beit Leed. The one to go to for heart-to-heart talks about the fellows.

I enter the room and I already imagine you sitting barefoot on the bed, with that constantly-peeling skin on the soles of your feet.

I know that you'll tell me that the disorder in the room is only temporary, and that you're honestly going to straighten things up after the troops finish going over their navigation-points with you.

I want to tell you - "Mandel, you've once again forgotten the key with the broken insignia in the door," and to ask you where all the uniforms in the closet have disappeared.

I want to ask you if you still intend to paint the walls in the room sometime, and how you're getting along with your bagpipe lessons. I want to tell you that I broke up with Naomi and that I'm going to switch Carmeli after all.

There are so many more things that I want to tell you and ask you, and I'll never be able to. When I go out to run, I'll always hear you panting alongside me, and whenever I sit in the green easy-chair I'll see you sitting on the bed, coffee in hand and a huge smile plastered on your face.

There are things that will never change. Your shoes will always have the shape of your feet. You'll never lose your kippah again, and you'll never buy a bigger one to punish yourself.

Your bookmark will always stay where it is in the book. Your face will always smile at me before I go to sleep.

Your soldiers will never really know how proud you were of them. They'll never know how excited you were to see them making progress, growing from pop-guzzling kids into fighters in an elite unit.

They'll never know how much you needed them, and that it wasn't only the other way around.

You looked at them the way a father looks at his children. You were so proud to see them take charge and fight.

Mandel's unit - nothing made him happier than to watch you blossom. He was happy with every one of you. He was a hundred per cent satisfied with every one that finished the track.

He worked, nurtured, taught and educated. You'll always be his children. He won't have any others.

Mandel, you were at the peak. You achieved the dream, you became a commander of fighting men! How long you waited for that - you wanted combat so much.

You were at your greatest enthusiasm when it came to operations. That was what you waited for!

All the options were open to you. You thought of becoming a company commander. You were in no rush. You fought for the country. You died a warrior's death, fulfilling the most significant mission there could be.

Mandel, you were my best friend in the unit. It won't be the same anymore without you.

I miss you.

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