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Notes and Thoughts from Daniel

Notes and Thoughts from Daniel

The biggest paradox in life is people who think of themselves as serious and settled people–when they want to buy a car they will check it out and find out about the price and different models and how much gas it uses, etc or when they want to buy a house they will look into different possibilities for months: the neighbors, schools, the neighborhood, the price... to the very smallest detail. But people are born and live, but life itself and its meaning, which should be a major part of themselves, isn't something that is dealt with. Maybe they will think about life every once in a while, but to sit and delve into the meaning of life, to discover life, what it should mean to us and how it can be made meaningful is not something usually done by people who think of themselves as serious and settled.. (from Daniel's notepad)

Generally things should be looked at with belief, as a process which can take years to develop. Things shouldn't be taken for their value at a first glance. You shouldn’t look at things from the top but rather look into things. Children aren’t capable of looking inside, they take everything at face value, abstract things and ideas are difficult for them, and they need to hold onto materialistic values and things. But we must change our way of thinking and look at things from the inside out. That is the way to find the real truth. ( from the notepad)


This is a negative attitude from the beginning. Meaning that things are bad, there are bad people who want to hurt others, there are bad things happening in society BUT lets just overlook it all, lets plaster a smile on our faces and let everyone live his own life. And the results of this attitude will be that the bad will overcome. On the other hand, we should fight evil at its roots. No one likes war, but when there is evil, and there is plenty today, we must fight it at all costs. Make love not war is a Christian lie. In the future the real truth will be peace, "The wolf and the lamb..." (From the notepad)

You always have to, at all times and during all actions, remember that a person has a purpose in life; he has a responsibility, "a man's responsibility to this world". Everything should be directed by this great responsibility–no more fooling around. First of all you have to know that you have a defined responsibility, (Misilat Yesharim) and then try to accomplish as much as possible towards that purpose. All the little games such as " because I feel like it", " that's what I am comfortable doing" etc–are really with out meaning (unless they serve a specific purpose). We have to strive for" the world to come, in this world". The more holiness we can bring into our world will bring the next world closer and closer which is what we are striving for. "To mend the world in G-d's kingdom". (From the notepad)

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